My Best Friend, Laura


Her name is Laura, that sweet, amazing girl…

Her beautiful face framed with thick dark curls.

Her faith is strong, and her thoughts are pure,

I’m so glad I have a friend like her.

She has a way of making our deep talks precious,

And asks about my life, and if it’s adventurous.

She always has something positive to say

Even when her day didn’t seem to go the right way.

Even after a ridiculously hard time at school,

My best friend, Laura, is the most valuable jewel.

God has blessed me with Laura as a friend,

I pray that this relationship won’t ever end.

We’ve been cousins and friends since we were little tikes;

Playing on tree forts, and riding our bikes.

Today, we take pictures and sing so much it’s funny,

And shopping is the best (when we have the money).

Laura and I love keeping each other accountable,

Both in daily devos, and keeping our hearts stable.

Her standards for the future are so like mine,

Together we wait for God’s will in His time.

Sometimes I’m sad, but she’s always uplifting,

Every word she shares is encouraging and fitting.

There are times when she’s the one that’s down,

And I’m the one that tries to wipe away that frown.

But it’s hard to catch that girl being sad,

Laura is the most enjoyable friend I’ve ever had.

She is so inspirational and always makes me smile.

What’s sad is that we won’t see each other for a while.

It’s super fantastic when Laura gets to come visit,

'Cause whenever she does, we both treasure it.

This awesome young lady is my spiritual twin,

Although different on the outside, we’re similar within.


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