To My Best Friend

I know sometimes you feel like

you don't deserve this

that your core is nothing but a

steaming pile of junk.

And I know you feel like

it's all your fault

and you need to say sorry

but it won't be enough.

I know both these things

but I know something else too

you are a liar.

You deserve everything;

you deserve the world.

I don't know about you but I see

galaxies and friendly skies

nestled in your heart.

It's never your fault;

you haven't hurt me once.

Even if you did I'd 

let you do it over and over

because I care about you so much.

I don't trust very easily

I know you don't either

But a double negative makes a positive and

at least we've found each other.

Just breathe for a moment, ok?

I'm familiar with paranoia

I get that you feel like you've done something wrong.

But you know me

I'm pretty damn blunt

I'll tell you if you've messed up

And we'll laugh and

move on.

Trust me.

You say you trust me.

Just this once, trust me on this.

And when people are just...

people (and you know what I mean)

Remember I'm always here

and you can talk to me or

cry if you need

but at the same time

don't do either of those things if you don't want to.

Because I know you'll be there if I need

Willing to listen

You always have been.

One last thing

If you were as 





air headed



as you say you are...

why the hell would I look at you as the best friend I've ever had?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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