My Beloved Brother

We always sit down asking ourselves why? Why does it always have to be the good ones that die. We lay back closing our eyes as we begin to reminisce Realizing all the good times that we shared and seeing that its you that we truly miss. We all share the pain of waking up tomorrow That without you here its another day of fear and sorrow. Every night I pray that you're in that place called heaven I know this may seem selfish, but can you make sure I'm forgiven? I promise that I won't do no more wrong And that I will forever keep my heart beating strong. I hope when you're glancing down Hoping I am making you smile instead of wearing a frown. That in your eyes I stand out amongst the crowd you whisper to yourself " That's my sister, and she is making me proud." No matter all the doubt people try to say, Everyday I'll wake up smiling because I know I'll see you again one day. I know you're not alone because you're up there with our mother,Oh how I miss you my beloved brother. Sometimes when I'm sad I remember your words of wisdom feeling relieved and glad. So I finally have come to my senses, That in life you are blessed with second chances. Thanks to you and your wisdom, I have learned to stand my ground Refusing to let people's word drag me down. You showed me how to recognize people being at their truest,And how to handle people when they're at their cruelest. So I have to end with saying I think its about time we call it something better Instead of good bye how about we say see you later? It may seem like forever,But I promise, one day, we will once again be together.

This poem is about: 
My family


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