My Belonging


We may ask ourselves "Where do I belong?"

Where are those people we surround ourselves with in order to make us strong?

I failed to find my home, a place to come together

But within that journey I found much more, something far more clever. 

I longed for a place to fit in.

Yet in search of a home I've found myself within.

Within myself I see potential.

I am strong. I am special. I am successful. I am gentle.

With qualities such as these I've earned a place in this crazy society.

My flaws are no longer there, no use for my anxieties.

I have connected with my inner self, creating a sense of peace.

This peace in me has been my motivation, my determination, my release.

Whenever something has become a struggle 

I now know that there's a clear light at the end of the tunnel. 

Everything is fine now, nothing is now wrong.

I've finally found the place where I truly honestly belong. 




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