My Beautiful Angel


Though it seems that the heavens keep us apart,

Never have I felt so close to you,

For there is not a day that passes in which I don’t think about you,

For you are my sole reason to keep going!


You are the light to my darkest days and nights,

The one that brought joy and happiness into my life.

And for that I cannot repay you enough,

For there is nothing that can repay the kindness you have shown me!


I no longer have anything to fear,

For you gave me strength and courage.

I shall forever be in your debt for your kindness,

Though my debt with you is the one I do not mind at all!


If ever you need a favor from me,

All you have to do is ask,

And I will be more than glad to do as you command,

For my true purpose is to serve you for eternity!


You shall forever be my beautiful angel,

And I, your faithful servant.

There’s nothing I wouldn't do for you,

For you are truly worth it all!


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