On My Back

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 17:57 -- mumzy16

what use am I to you
unless I got a secret to be told
what good am I to you
if my body you can't hold

I live in this world where my worth
is measured in my bust my face
my hips and the size of my girth

what am I to you?
if you can't touch me like that
or if unfortunately for you
I have no butt but I'm black

I live in a time where there is no time.
designer is everything
no one cares
as long as they look fine

what am I to you?
if my breasts aren't on display
if my legs are covered
and on my back I don't lay

what am I to you?
if I respect my body
if I don't talk trash
About girls who like to be naughty

what am I to you
if I'm not here to entertain
if I don't lay with you
and give your sheets a reason to be stained

I am nothing to you
you speak of girls in general , Mitch
unknowingly you hurt my soul
every time you call a woman a "bitch"

I am nothing to you
you scream and yell at night
about wanting a good girl
after your womanizing gave you that itch

I am nothing to you
and as I roam through life alone
and I'm sure you'll mumble the "b" word
the day I don't pick up the phone


This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem is also posted onmy wordpress site jayemerald.wordpress.  com. Totally not a plagarized poem.

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