My Baby, My Health

Even before I was born

I ate Health

It's sweetness blew my attention

Whiles growing up at a tender age

That, even as a kid before I think wealth

I think Health

When I was No one

Suffering among Men

Wallowing in dirty and faded worn-out cloths

Who cares who I am or what I want

Whether, I love my slim body or

I will love to put up weight and blot
'Cause men no more care about what is not theirs

So I've never encountered that love or care

Until the interference of that gastroenteritis

When I realize the world can be a better place to be, if the people I see around me here in this clean place are multiplied

Just on regaining my conciousness

I asked who are they

Who are this clean people in this clean place

and She said their Nurses🌹

Looking close they holding this peaceful smiles

On their faces

No wonder they're kind of Care has totally uplifted my spirit whiles contemplating

Now, clean is how they ogle at me
They've cleanse me up of all the curses.

Was just wondering if more of this people

Could be stablish in street corners

After these tidious life cycle

This things still knocks my head

What that Male Nurse told me

"Since you can't afford death, seek Health"

For Good Life comes with time

In time and on time

So before you dine

Think Health because what you dine

can become a poison in time to kill your time

So Exercise and feel the pain

For Good Life comes without stress and infections

And those who enjoys it

Enjoys it All for life being

'Cause they still possesses good Health

Right now, I'm convinced
To fall in love with Sister Gillian

The other female Nurse that educates me on Drugs
She said; Your health is your Desires, because as far as you live healthy
You can work to be wealthy"
Finally I fell so hard for Health

'Cause escaping Good Life to wealth

Is just like swerving Satan to Hell

So I pray these relationship gets intimated

Between my baby Health and I

Because I can't afford to be Isolated

I need no demarcation
Because we are so intimated

That is why I've decide to Cook Health

And prepare for myself long life

Because I will not jeopardize

Or Kpoomkpi for the worst things to come

I encourage all Nurses

To educate in every aspect of life

Learn to be competent, creative Thinkers and problem solvers

And continue to always preach the Good News of Health and Good Life

For I promise to be a slave

And a servant to Good Life and Good health.

Thank you GHS

Thank You WHO

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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