my baby boy

when he smiled

his teeth shined brighter then the freshly fallen snow on our kneibors front yard

his eyes gleamed with hope and with promise

of a better tommorow for him and for me

when he smiled

it was like looking straight at the sun without going blind

it was like knowing god at the ultimate level

being benovelent without any regrets

when he laughed

it was like an ancient hymn resurfaced and sang at a community luncheon

his happiness causing tears to flow from his adorable stained glass eyes

he was my boy

my wonderful


dream created by god boy

when he talked

it was the most beautiful inspiring moment one could record

it was as if he had all the passion that a single being could have including the lord

he was my ultimate other half a blessing

when he cried

it broke not just my heart but everyone who could hear

you could hear pain in every note twisting our heartstrings like a violin

scartissue folding through every cell

when he was angry

it lasted for about as long as a birthday candels flame, gone in a second

gone with the wind

i wish i had that strength

he was my boy

my wnderful


dream created by god boy

and when i lost him i lost a piece of me

so dreaming of him again was paradise

why did i have to wake up









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