My Baby

Dear Aiko

My baby girl

I remember first finding out about you,

I was crying in my bathroom with a positive pregnancy test so scared about what to do.

Your daddy was out of the state too,

he cried so much when her found out about you.

Coming back home, he walked up to my door holding a stuffed whale saying,

"This baby is gonna be raised well."

We made many mistakes, but I never regret you.

We learned so much about how to care for you, and finish school, and give you a good life.

I found about you a month after my 16th birthday.

I was just a child having a pretty baby.

My sweet girl,

I miss you with my whole heart and I just wish you were here.

The day I lost you, I never felt heartbreak like that before.

You're named after your grandmother.

My sweet Aiko,

you were so close to being in my arms

I'm sorry for letting you down but you're in a better place.

You're always in my heart as all I can do is imagine your face.

We were both too young to know what to do,

but how I wanted you,

my baby.

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