To My Anxiety

Dear Anxiety,

I’d like to say it’s been a while,

but that’d be a lie.

I saw you yesterday.

We sat and you told me everything I didn’t want to hear.



The boy walking past knows that your skin is cracking and dry;

it’s gross.

The girl sitting next to you thinks your shirt is too revealing,

that you’re a total slut.

Your teacher doesn’t understand how someone so dumb could pass her class;

You’re going to fail.

Your friends wish you didn’t force them to talk to you;

It’s not like they actually like you.



Oh my dear Anxiety,

We sat and you talked for hours.

Me? I couldn’t even begin to try and speak.

There is no arguing against you.

Whenever I see you Anxiety,

My heart pounds,

My hands shake,

And my eyes begin to water.


You show me a new way to look at life,

Overthinking detail after detail after detail.

The more we talked,

the more I wished I never met you.

But you came up to me;

I never had a choice.



You sang the wrong note in class?

People will laugh after school for hours.

Looks like you spelt a word wrong on your application;

No job will hire you if they see those eraser marks.

You tripped on a walk to the door of a restaurant,

and the group next to you thinks that you’re on some kind of drug.

You hate making mistakes?

Good, because everyone else hates you already.


I know I can’t do anything to keep you away;

you always find a way into conversation.

So until next time Anxiety.

I hope you never come back.



A Girl with Social Anxiety


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