My Anthem

Dear Me,


Listen to, the click click click of power

walking up those steps.

From her red high heels to her skinny jeans,

she ain’t one to cower.


In her spiked-up pixie cut

with hoops that touch her shoulders,

she’ll be swinging her hips and locking no lips

with the Devil on her shoulder.


So, just swipe, swipe, swipe to the left

you ain’t gonna get it.

I mean, lesbihonest here,

she ain’t really with it.


Cuz who you once called braces faces

has been driving all kinds of crazy races

to one day conduct business overseas

and fly to all her bucket list places.


But, if the plane comes crashing down,


She’ll just keep, keep, keep on strutting

through the broken glass,

and if she cheats on her, just wait …

she’ll pull a Lemonade on her ass.


Yes, she’s spent a filthy, pretty penny

to get where she is now.

But, she’ll save a plenty pretty pennies

to go from here on out.


And, yes, her granddaddy

may have walked with MLK,

but her great times eight grandpa

sure never made slavery go away.


So, she’ll keep, keep, keep on winning

and fighting for their rights.

Because her skin’s white,

she’s gotta use her privileges

to stand up and face the light.


Now, rev, rev, rev, the engine

and smile through your shades

because, girl, you’ve been got this

stop letting them win all the Hunger Games.


Will you ever be happy?

You may never know,

but at least you’ll be 100% in control.


So, keep, keep, keep on livin’

to the beat of your own high heels -

up the steps and through the clouds

on the stairway to Heaven.


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