My Anger

You’ve done it.

You made me do it.

You made me snap.

Your actions and words have transformed me,

Transformed me into a beast of nature.

My primal instincts overcame my intuition,

A red haze covers my sight,

And the rage takes over.


Poison replaces the blood in my veins,

Fire replaces the breath in my lungs,

Steel replaces the calcium in my bones,

Thunderstorms replace the mind in my head.

My nails become talons,

My teeth become fangs,

My elbows become hammers,

My knees become daggers.

All of me transforms,

Just to tear you apart.


My body flows like water,

Strikes with the force of earth,

Blows you off your feet like wind,

Leaves a burning in your flesh like fire.


I will not stop.

I will not rest.

Not until you repent.

You invoked my anger,

You pushed me past the edge.

From the furthest depths of my passive soul,

You mustered an unstoppable rage,

And now you will pay.


With your actions,

You committed a crime,

You caused my anger.

With my anger,

I lose control.

My former body, now a beast, will not stop.

Not until you’re destroyed,

Not until you’ve no more strength left in your body,

Not until you’ve given up every ounce of resistance.

It won’t stop.


You’ve made me into a force of nature.

The doomsayer of your apocalypse,

The harbinger of your calamity,

And I won’t revert back.

Not until I destroy you.

You will pay for what you’ve done.

That isn’t a threat.


It’s a promise.


~Kyle Thomas

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