My angel

Don't take this the wrong way, 

You knew what I meant when you started dating me. 

You knew I was different,

You knew I could care.

But you threw me away, you left me bare. 

I could not feel, I could not breathe,

I thought you cared but all you did was hurt me. 

I've never felt a pain so deep, a knife that cut jagged and skewed;

but you left me. 

You threw me away, tossed me aside like you never cared,

a week later I find you are with her, a fact you could have shared.

Prior to I did not know what it meant to be attached.

But you left me.

You hurt me.

I wallowed and I cried,

I wept and moaned. 

I thought I would never feel whole again...


But then he came like a silver lining. 

After a rough year, and months of ridding myself of you.

He came like an angel,

my darling, my Hugh.

I know what it means to love; 

I know when it is deep and true. 

In some twisted way I feel I should thank you, 

how else would he have found his way to me, 

if I had not been hurt by you?



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