My Angel

I miss your smile when I see light, the brightness reminds me of you

The things I see always seem to remind me of you

Your eyes haunt me at night; they follow me, and watch, and never let me go

My heart feels like it's been torn in two, you took half of it with you when you left me

All I am now is a broken shadow of what once was, shattered to where I can no longer be fixed

It hurts to breathe through my ragged chest, I wish that I never had to let you go

I pray for yo to come back to me, my prayers have gone unanswered so far

But my hope lives alongside your ghost

Memories of you sting as they project through the pain

But the hurt is a way of me still knowing I exist,

I hold on to it, and pray to you, especially on a bad day

I miss you, I miss you, please come home, I miss you

Still nothing...the calm tells me you wil never be back

I'll stop asking before it's too late, before I will be no more

Too late, too late...I'm already gone, the wind carries my remains

I fly so far, until I see where the winds taking me; again the light, it's just too bright

I close my eyes

And then the light dims, and behind my lids I can already see

There you stand, hand outstretched, smiling

Hesitation might've been before, had I not been alone so long

I run to meet you acoss the path, nothing could hold me back now

Our embrace lasts thousands of years, all my pain gone forever

My angel's here with me at last, tears of joy come streaming

My missing you will be no more, together we now face heaven


-For my grandmother


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