My Address

It's funny to think how one choice changes me

Life is weird, it's weird to be

Like if I went to a different school

Would I be used like a tool?

If I was in a different family

How would that change my story?

If I lived in a different time

What would I find?

It's weird to think of "It's a small world"

When in reality

I'm a speck of dust


There are places out there beyond the stars

Very far, far, far

My address is longer than I ever knew

My house,

My street,

My city,

My district,

My state,

My country,

My continent,

My hemisphere,

My world,

My solar system,

My galaxy,

My universe.




And if one part of that address was changed

I probably wouldn't be the same




Who do I want to be?

I guess we'll see

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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