My addiction

You were my drug
Seven years of going back to get my fix
Wanting it everyday
When I wouldn't get my fix I would go crazy
I start to shake and look around to see where I could get you
Txting and sending you pics
To meeting up without anyone knowing
To being used
I didn't care if I got hurt
I didn't care if I got used
I didn't care who I hurt
You were my drug
My addiction few with every year that passed
I was clean for 2 years
I went cold turkey
But then you came back
I tried not to crave you
I tried to avoid you
But no matter where I went there you where
Even at my front door
And then I got a taste
I got hooked
I wanted you more and more
Then you left
I was addicted but did not react
I found distractions
Then you texted
I went to meet up
I wanted you
But not like I usto
It was more of a comfort not an addiction
We hooked up one more time
I felt free
I got my last hit
My last high
My addiction to you finally broke
I'm no longer addicted
There will be a part of me that would want to get my fix
But I won't cave in
This new year is my year to finally let go of my addiction

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