My abigail

What can’t I live without?

I think through the list,

of things I use everyday.

My car, my phone,

journals, pencils, others.


Never does the answer occur to me

it is right there

it’s you, Abigail.

Your texts, your smiles,

the little notes in our locker.


You always seem to be there--

doing something nice,

sacrificing your time,

just so you can see me,

make me smile.


I don't know how--

I would go a day,

without communicating with you.

At home, in class, at all hours--

We’re always connected


I like to think I’m there,

but I can’t help but feel,

I am a much worse friend than you.

You are my abigail,

constantly caring for me.


Without you, Abbi,

I would fall apart.

If I was separated from you,

there would be no me--

for I rely on you too much.


You are, without fail,

my best friend.

I tell you everything,

I could not live without you,

But I can’t imagine separation happening.


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