My 2016

Ready for my future I'm tired of waiting,

I'm really tryin' but I can't be patient

But I can't really even be excited,

With all this crime and this gun violence

And no more can I be silent, yo y'all really wildin'

My people being shot down,

It's gotta stop now

Sandra, Mike, Trayvon, Tamir

Aiyana, Alton, I hope you can hear

Y'all may be gone but y'all ain't ever forgotten,

BLACK LIVES MATTER, yo we tryin' to stop it

And Donald Trump vs Hilary

They're both no good, they're both the enemy

Waiting on the time to get up outta here

Cause my 2016 wasn't the best year

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



I feel the same way with you.

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