M.V.P-Most Valuable Poet


United States
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when i write, i speak from the heart
often times, my writings and thoughts are very controversial
so controversial that even bill o'reilly won't even see me
i am who i am, i be who i be
i'm not afraid like the single by eminem
i'm offensively outspoken, often misunderstood in which people will stay far away from me as if i have A.I.D.S
people who you need to really stay away are those that smile in your face and talk behind your back
i'm sorry, but that is so wack
see. i'll smile in your face, i'll tell it to your face because that's my knack
it's so amazingly sad that people continue to still perceive me as something that i'm not
by the time you get to know me, you still won't be able to still connect the dot
WHY? becasue they are still putting up walls higher than the twin towers
i enjoy that treatment, my dosage that i'll inject is peace and love
not sad moments that a person cries like a dove
see beyond other's stupidities and rise above
i dont like myself, i love myself
those that have love for me
that's the reason they love me
those that don't know me
that's the reason they fear me
a teen once ask a mob boss is it better to be loved or feared
i know what that question feels like. it feels like i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place
but i know where i stand
each time i speak, efforts and attempts to have my presence be canned
they try to knock me down. but i get back up
everyday it's a battlefield. i have the most mightiest weapon-my mind
my mind will conquer all battles, therefore win the war call ignorance

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