Mutual Love

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 23:51 -- muirgen

because i love you --

we talk

about the hurt: you wouldn't say I love you, because they didn't, and I acted like HIM

we talk

and find out: miscommunication, the intent was lacking where the action was the same

we talk

and heal: because we love each other


because I love You --

sometimes we need to take breaks

and that's okay

because needing to sit silently in nearby rooms or just in the same house is OK

because needing to be far apart on occasion is OK

the ability to be separate, the ability to be alone and still derive strength from this relationship, this love -

shows it is stronger than anything built on lust or conditionality;

it is built on Friendship.


because I love You --

I listen

You listen

We listen, to Each Other

and in that listening we find each thing we have in common or in comparison,

and we are closer for it

because being both all the same restricts growth

because being only different things creates conflict

this real love means that we grow from each other, within each other, without each other


because you love me --

i can always talk to you about me, about them, about you, about us


because you love me --

we can talk


because you love me --

we can listen


because you love me --

we can grow side by side and intertwined, beloved.


This poem is about: 
My family


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