The Mutt

Inside the pound

There were cute little hounds

With floppy ears and soft fur

There were cats who liked to purr

In the back

There was a pup with hair that was long and black

He was never chosen by the children

They would all just run

He did not understand why

He wanted a friend, partner, an ally


A sweet little boy opened his kennel one day

He asked softly for the pup to play

His mother screamed when she saw the canine

Then she calmed when she saw the boy’s mien

He could only get one dog so he settled for three

The dog was adopted and given a name of bogey

Cerberus, the hound of Hell

Even though his heads were all well

They fought for food and the boy’s attention

But, always gave him lots of protection


Cerberus liked to explore

He found snakes each day, more and more

The boy made Cerberus happy

Even when the heads got a little scrappy

He made such a good dog that when he died

He protected the afterlife with great might


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