Am I smart?
Or are you stupid?
Am I funny?
Or is your sense of humor muted?

I live because I have to,
I'm dead because, YOU. MADE. ME.


Life is bliss

But when everything you know is far away
Everything you need must be learned a different way

Is it easy?
To be loved
To be held

Is it easy?
To work hard
To still fall?

Is it easy?
To wake up and put a smile on your face?
To run away from conformity and
To do it your own way?

What, is, that?

Your own way?
How do you know this was not your mother's doing?
Is that not how your brother did it?
How do you know it was done by you
When you've read it in a book?
Didn't I see that in a movie?

Or in a play
On a stage?

This is my life

The greatest actress,
That is me.

Are you fooled
By my acting?

Am I too passionate?

Or is your sense of passion muted?
You think these animals are stupid?
But is this world not CORRUPT by us humans?
Numbed by the pre-existing pain
Numbed by the cold hearts
And reigns
Switches and blades
To live and be CLEAR
For what you DESIRE
For what you BELIEVE
To go against the current

The other way
Opposite direction from the crowd.

Diversity... Has. Been. Muted,
By corporations
Looking for the same

When you should be searching for
a different ROUTE
A different SOUL
A different VEIW POINT of this world

Into a different being
To do something different from your brother
From your mother

So you make a new concept of a movie
A new play you haven't seen
A new song you haven't heard

Do you hear it?
Do you see it
In the cobwebs of your mind?
Do you feel it in your soul?
Growing from the vine
Of the life that you created
Just for you

But for the world
To see

To be inspired

To look away from what THEY do

To see the light
To see there is a way
Other than the one they follow
That they've followed for years

It is TIME to release the numbing from the pain
TIME. to see. the difference.
To see
that I AM NOT smart,
You are just conformed into STUPID
and I AM NOT funny
Your senses have all just been (muted).


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