On Mute Till I Scream

Screams of justice silenced,

While society pretends to be balanced.

Your pointless efforts I shall survive,

with a heart to love till I die.


Mascara, gloss with pastel spirit I groove,

Brightness of my long nails undermining the sun,

You call me a creature that defies masculinity,

But we stand out because we highlight humanity.


No, I don't need your validation

Nor your comments for compensation

Breaking stereotypes of a lady like

I colour my hair phenomenal like

I bear designed marks that define me

I wear glitter that shines me

Nose rings make us devil incarnation you say,

But we slay that imperfect beauty every day.


Body shaming, bullying, discrimination and further,

little-little disastrous creations of Mr. Lucifer.

We deny your norms and you disown us,

We chase our happiness while you continue to ignore us.


Your God made you, so are we

But how gruesome were we that we deserved your cruelty.

I am the change that I hope to see in altering existence,

Look into each other’s miserable eyes and join to sustain acceptance

Let not I pray, ancient laws mould your opinion

Understand a simple fact that being unique is not inviting a Draconian.

An initiative is required to give momentum to difference which would later fuel the rocket to a change and natural compliance.


So, go ahead society test us all,

We know you despise us but these barriers shall fall.

Justice will be fought for,

silencing your norms,

We are not men and women but mere human forms.

Nature hath framed us with evergreen imperfection,

So, my dear fellow humanist, a friendly reminder to all---

STOP hiding and START living for your satisfaction,

For their pointless efforts we shall survive with a heart to spread love till we die.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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