Must Have Done

Sometimes things just work.

Sometimes you give a letter a value and you find that it's true in all possible situations.

Sometimes you would just give ellipse a y-coordinate and it would turn out alright.

Sometimes you didn't trip and fall.

Sometimes everything you see goes along with your theory.

But then everyone can pick cherries with their sight lines

And their right minds and what they should have noticed

The balloons up there in the sky

Have nothing to lose and no tears left to cry

So why not prove me right?

As if I wanted to be proved all along

Nobody heard, nobody listened so I never even told them.

I wanted that to go on

Because some debate

Is better than an unjust conclusion

But that's what it's like when one's insane.

Everything just works out and one likes it.

Right up until they fall off cloud nine, out of the blue verse

And into whatever this was meant to be.


I eat hot sweet things with my fingers

Typing accusations with one hand

Thinking that I finally got it right

That now I'd have what I wanted.

And then I denied having it wrong

Assuming someone'd misinterpreted the want

Because it can't have been me.


I was wrong

Big surprise

I hope I'm cured by the shock but I might have lied

A couple times

And I don't even want to try and decide what's real.

I don't even want to try.


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