Musical Oasis


Inside the school, so boring and bland,
Lies a charming oasis, a musical land.

Where Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Tuba and more
Are proudly carried right through the door

Like a marvelous mosaic, each piece a new horn,
All fit together and a masterpiece is born!

From happy to sad, authentic to sweet,
The music we make is really a treat!

In fall we are marching to and fro,
At football's half-time we are never too slow!

Winter brings concerts and basketball games,
Christmas and music and sports team names.

Next comes solo and ensemble, a personal test,
Hope for a 1, then go do your best!

Afterwards is Band Fest and the concert of spring,
Band competitions, what a wonderful thing!

As spring comes to a close we go back inside,
Our band uniforms all cleaned, pressed, and dried.

The sweat of Memorial Day, seniors' last parade,
We always march on, the band has it made.

Fall, winter, spring or summer,
Band has never been a bummer!

Whether starting in grade 5, or going to college,
You will always hold on to this precious knowledge!


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