I come from a small shell

And I was content to stay

But I was watching my high school years

As they slowly withered away


So I tried my luck

And decided to audition

The Boys from Syracuse

A non-speaking role was my mission


Lo and behold I became

A courtesan, so classy

One of five with a dance solo

And my role was so sassy


Months of rehearsals

I tried acting, dancing, singing

All the while making friends

Talking, laughing, mingling


Then that night of the musical

It was the last one, our closing show

I was not emotionally prepared

For how that beautiful evening would go


I was laughing so much

And I was crying quite a bit

The fighting emotions made me

A terrible mess, in a terrible fit


But that moment, it was hard

To leave your tears behind

Feeling that much joy at once

Is something hard to find


The moment filled me to the brim

With elation and ecstasy

So glad to have been part of something

Sad it was no longer part of me


And they were still laughing

Making jokes, talking about next year

Some seniors would be gone

But new friends would be here


In the moment I came to

Realize and understand

This community, this loving group

They held onto my hand


They pulled me out of my shell

And let me be a part of them

Let me love and let me grow

And made me happier than I had ever been.


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