Music in Relation to My Life


"Just send your heartbeat I'll go...

To that Blue Ocean floor"

I'll never forget

The time you asked me to explain,

And you just knew,

Knew I could help you understand.

You knew that I had the ability

To undersand depth.

Knew my background,

My story.

Tragedy as a child

Led to a hermit,

An avid reader.

Someone who only showed her colours,

Only let certain people know the real her.

And you feel honored to be one of those people. 

I know because you told me.

But you know me,

Never believe a good thing

Always believe a bad.

You couldn't have seen 

Couldn't have known this when we met

But you still live with me 

Through all my trials

And tribulations.

And talk through things,

And make me feel involved.

A feeling lost so many years ago.


"We girls gonna run this..."

The song from my Freshman year.

I had never heard it, 

But I learned to love it.

The song came to represent everything;

The confidence I should have in my abilities,

Even when I failed

Time and time again,

The bond shared by the ten of us,

Even Guard as a whole. 

"All I want is something new

Something I can hold on to..." 

The song from my Sophomore year.

I hadn't heard this one either,

But it came to show that 

Even though everything was changing,

Even though I was experienced now,

New things would come,

And I should hold onto them,

Hold on with everything I had and never let go.

And I did.

And by not letting go,

I tested my strength,

And found that I am strong.

Stronger than I ever imagined.

"You're worth more than Gold"

The song for my Junior year.

This one I do know.

This song means more to me 

Than anyone could ever imagine.

And I hope someone who needs to 

Will hear it

And be moved

The way I am.

To listen to the words,

And really take them in,

Is powerful.


"On the radio, stereo

The way you move ain't fair you know..."

The song that came to represent our team.

Hawaii and your Ukelele

I should have known.

But you'll never know how much

Singing with you all meant to me.  

I felt like I belonged,

Not at first,

But after a while,

And I haven't felt that since the Fall.


"God only knows

What went wrong 

And why

You'd leave the stage in the middle

Of a song"

The song that reminded me

On more than a few occasions

That people care.

The song that gave me a passion

A passion to prevent,

To be an instigator.

The song that sparked 

My annoyance at the phrase

"Kill yourself/Kill myself"

That prompted me to 

Author a retreat

On why suicide is wrong.

That ignited the flame

Of showing that people care.

The song that has showed me 

That every life I can save

Is worth it.

Worth the embarassement

Worth the harrassment

Worth the fight.


It has been said

that Music

is what feelings sound like

But to me,

Music is 

Listening to the

Story of my life

Being told 

For all to  hear

And all to relate.

I may not write it,

But to listen

Is to understand

And to understand 

Is all that is asked.  






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