The Music in Me...

I'm constantly struggling,

But i strive to become something better.

I'm constantly crying,

But i know i deserve so much better.

The music within me sings a song,

A song about a strong girl

With a powerful will to help people,

A song that understands,

Suffering people and souls and how hard is it not to give up,

But my song also tells about a life,

Where everything was dark and lonely,

When you where just at your breaking point,

Where love soon came to be and made me blossom,

All because music was an inspiration,

How can music could change a soul? 


But my song held so much emotion,

Because the song reached,

A million broken souls,

A million suffering people,

Telling them that its never okay to give up,

Even when the time is hard, 

And when things get rough

Always follow your dreams,

Because the song i sing,

Is about a soul lost and looking for love

If thats what your looking for ,

I hoped this helped.





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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