Music Makes Life



What a lovely word.




It just rolls off the tongue.

I'm uplifted by music.

By the lovely melodies created by all sorts of things mashed together.

If you take it apart,

there's nothing there.

But together, it's beautiful.

Think about it.

Such simple things,

put together.

Seven notes,

in a pattern.

Raised and lowered

Swinging in between

It flows like a river

Or jumps like a rabbit

It paints pictures with sounds

and speaks to my soul.

Turning black dots on lines

to a painting of spring

to the story of love

to the death of a friend

to the joy of a child

Although life seems dark and bleak

Music is a light to guide

It tugs your soul out of the darkness

and into the brightness of life

When things seem gray,

Music can color your world

It makes everything


Music is light,

Music is life,

Music is living,

Music uplifts me.


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