As the Music Fades


The music begins and my anticipations increases,

we're dancing now, my inhibitions decreases.

It feels like the longest song as our feelings start to grow and grow,

my favorite song because the lyrics speak a language only we know.

The music dwindles down to a slower sadder pace,

my fears come true and tears appear on my face.

Closer and closer we get to the end we're pretending we can make it work,

the words don't make sense like they did once before and both of us are hurt.

As the music fades, i look to you and i realize it's time to go.

As the music fades, i realize i don't want to give up.

As the music fades, it's time for a new song.

As the music fades, a new song begins.

As the music fades, our love is lost.


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