The Music Box


A broken heart and shattered dreams
Left this man wandering 
Trudging through the ice, left out in the cold,
Having just lost the only one he loved to hold.
Tears fell from his face like pouring rain
But he knew he was the one to blame.
He held on to the one thing he still had
An old music box he opened when sad.
In it were peices of his heart and shattered dreams,
Mixed with broken memories of beautiful things.
In the midst of a storm, while his fire still burned,
He kept the box close and would to it often return.
Opening it up when he'd begin to forget
He'd use the old dreams to keep the fire lit.
He looked at a picture from the very beginning,
In which they were both from ear to ear grinning.
With an oversized shirt and his arm around her shoulder,
Compared to then, he felt so much older.
Pictures like these reminded him of being home
At a time when he never had to think of being alone.
With so many to look at, his fire would burn a while,
The smoke made him cry, though his face showed a smile.
With no pictures left he moved on to the songs
When everything was right before it went wrong 
Their first dance seemed to last a thousand years
What he would have given for a hundred more with her near.
By the everglow from the candlelight,
He couldn't help but think he must've done something right.
He always thought that this was the best thing,
Until that night he found himself awakening.
On the brink of disaster, he fell asleep at the wheel
Paying too much mind on how she made him feel.
When a twist in his story came out of nowhere
And he was forced to live out his own worst nightmare.
And overnight he was expected to move on
For it took just one fight and she was gone. 
He did his best to find peace,
But he could only do so in his sleep.
'Don't wake me,' he thought, 'From my favorite dream,
It seems I'm forever and always awakening.'
'Suppose I could reach out, catch your tears
And suppose this fight disappeared.
'Would it help you love me, would it be worth the try,
Or is it all just one foolishly stupid lie.'
So caught up in not wanting to become a stranger
He put his friendship in very real danger.
He didn't want to love somebody else
But there was nothing left to remind himself.
As the last song played it danced away
Their memories fading, not able to stay.
Looking into the box there was left one thing,
And it would have the most memories to bring.
Last, was their story, from when they first became friends,
Which they spoke of a lot but only wrote for now and then.
But it helped them to grow into what they'd become,
Built on friendship, laughter, and a whole lot of fun.
It still wasn't finished when they had got in that fight
But even now, once in a while, he still liked to write.
With so many memories, the fired burned on,
Unitl finally light reached him from the coming dawn.
He sat in the cold, with no more tears to cry,
No longer afraid that alone he would die.
And with no more memories left to remember 
He set down the box and put out the embers.
He had nothing left now, it was time to move on
A new day was here, it was already dawn.
By the strength from the sun, he left behind his sorrows,
Sick of searching for hope in a better tomorrow.
For tomorrow is always coming, and there it will stay
So instead, choose to find hope in today.
That's what he did and that's what he does
Until today becomes the day he truly falls in love.
Never will he see that music box again
But the memories will return, now and then.
They will be sweet ones of things long past
While he sits in the arms of a love that will last.
4/7/14 - 4/9/14
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