Music Box

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 23:41 -- mc488


United States
35° 21' 38.106" N, 111° 45' 41.2776" W

Faint music play as two figures dance
In a perfect circle always together but never touching
Both made for each other in perfect harmony
With a gaze that would melt anyone’s heart.
Beautifully gowned in a blue evening gown
With white gloves to the elbows and pearls at the neck
And a gentle smile with an out reached hand.
A strong hand reaching back from a clean cut man
Clad in a fitted black suit with a single rose
Standing strong and proud with an air of grace.
A falter in the music, a change within a blink of an eye –
Sprawled out on the ground with her gown semi fanned
With pearls scattered around and blood pooling
Standing out against the white of the gloves, forever staining.
A cloaked figure towering over the lifeless form
Scythe in hand as he continues to gaze at his prize
A single rose falls to his feet in a muffled silence
As the music goes on and the scene continues to revolve.


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