Melodies flowing, swelling, undulating,

Waves invisible to the eye, yet invokes the senses

Creates an active mind

Induces tears, fears, ensnares the heart,

With a strength unparalleled  


All through the progression of notes

Chords, scales, arpeggios,

Created to resemble the harsh cacophony of a storm

Or the tranquility of a summers day

To reinvent the atrocities of war

Or the calm after the storm

To display a lovers quarrel

Or the ballad of a man enamored.


Music has the ability to inspire lives

And the ability to inspire genius

In each and every mind it reaches

Regardless of tone, tempo, or volume,

No matter the genre, period, or signature,

An art existing throughout the ages

Which will be everlasting

In the hearts of those who love it. 


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