Everything has already been said about love. 

Even this. I know, but it’s true. 

Who am I but a lovestruck child

finding my place in a world that is real?

Yet when I notice your absence

I suddenly shiver,

and my lungs forget how to breathe.

I wish you were here right beside me,

not just in my dreams when I sleep. 

When you’re here my world is like sunshine,

a simile I’m sure someone’s used. 

But I just can’t help but smile

when you light up my world; 

you’re my muse. 

I’ve tried peaches and plums,

but I know you’re the one 

Who will keep me from growing old. 

When I hear stories of love,

of fields and red roses,

no matter by whom they’re told,

I think of you and I shiver,

no hoodie to keep out the cold.

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