Murphy's Law For Artists

I'm certainly not the first to say this

but there's a sort of Murphy's Law

when it comes to artists


If you pour your heart and soul into something

spend hours to make it as perfect as you can possibly muster

you cry while writing or drawing or rehearing or what-have-you

and you truly feel like this might be the thing you'll be remembered for

(just like Ed Wood, but I digress)


That heartfelt thing you made

gets very few views, a small audience, and hardly any reaction

whereas some frivolous thing

you came up with in less than five minutes

or something you meant to just be a short silly otherwise unnoticed thing


That is the thing that gets beloved

and it's lovely to have something of yours loved

but you can't help but find yourself thinking

"Wait, you love THAT?

What about this thing I wretched every bit of energy for?

This thing that I managed to encapsulate my heart in?

What about that one?

Of all the things I made THAT is what took your attention?"


And the audience says,



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