she loves him he loves her and was ready for the next level 

one kiss on the cheek and holding hands

yet this wasnt enough for the love they shared 

the next level was the way to go

the first kiss on the lips the first hug from behide

love was the rollercoaster and they were ready for the ride 

movie dates on the couch underneath a blanket his hand is on her thigh 

he leans and talks so gently in her ear and ask "Are you ready?"

she says "yes" with no question why 

who knew this would make the change of her life

walking slowly to the room holding her hand each step of the way

they undress eachother and tangle eachother in the sheets as they play 

eyes locked eachother what a beautiful sight but 2 weeks late she wakes up in the middle of the night

she rushs to the bathroom and throws up on the floor after she calls him right away 

he shows up the next morning hiding something in his shirt takes it to her just for proff

its positive they now have a present from above

weeks go by and she starts to show but one night a pain in her stomach grows 

he comes over and she bleeding all over the floor its been 2months she is too early

she wakes up in a hosptial bed stomach completely flat and a boyfriend crying on her lap

she lost her only child doctors says she cant ever have another  it is all her fault 

baby is gone ,murder was here



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