I visited my mother just yesterday

For far too long I had stayed away

Frail and weak on a hospital bed

Smiling while knowing what lay ahead


Still in there, my mother of the past

but knowing her body will not last

Desperate to continue to share her love

And referring to those who abide above


I again saw my mother, just today

Still frail, but fighting to find a way

Home to see her family, just once more

Her dream to walk again, thru her front door


I know she'll find the strength, deep within her

to preserve and survive, as she will prefer

To be at home, and to choose when to go

on her journey on past, life's sideshow


We who’ll remain to weep after you’ve gone

will commemorate your life and what you've done

Perhaps you don't realise all the joy you have given

Remembered dearly when you make your transition


You've been a daughter, a sister and to our father, a life partner

And whom you have continued to love, long after his departure

A dearly loved mother of three and grand one to seven more,

And a great-grandmother to eleven, that's one more than a score


 One great-great granddaughter and another on the way

Twenty-three descendants listed in that short survey

Plus another ten of their partners both living and deceased

Mean the number who loved you has suddenly increased.


To thirty-three who all owe their very existence to you

And those so dear who have passed, all loved you too

But its not yet time for us all to be filled with sorrow

I still want to say, … “Mum, I’ll see you tomorrow”.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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