The Much Hated Subject

Education, a simple game we play

The power of knowledge is the power to grow.

English is to read and write,

Science is to know and discover,

History is to be aware and remember,

but what is Math?


Math is a hated subject, a misunderstood subject.

to know Math gives endless possibilities.

Unfortunatey Math is not looked at as a favorite subject.

"I suck at Math" is the attitude of young kids and teens.

However , I believe differently


Math is hard, but to say I am not good is the same as quitting or giving up.

I want to change the minds of young adults,

I want to show them they are capable,

I want to help them feel accomplished,

help them feel smart

To invest time in a child's education makes all the difference.

All it takes is one adult to take that time so that the child does not give up.


I want to be a teacher.

A teacher that show kids they are capable like my teacher did for me.

I want to be an educator that teaches math.








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