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Ms. Navigation
By Lynisha Arceus

Ms. Navigation has a destination
She’s trying to get to
But before she gets to her destination
They’re things she will pass through
Pit stop she stops to
Sites see she must see
But hopefully she make it to her destination by noon
Hitchhikers on the freeway
She picks up one, then two
Dead beat in the front seat
And a baby who needs food
Now her navigation changes up
Her destination is somewhere
She don't want to end up
So she tries to stick to her previous destination
She is two hours away she believes she can make it
Riding on a quarter tank of gas
Trying to move fast
Running out of cash
Hoping that it will last
Pedestrian laughing as she’s passing
Females calling continuously: Him
Tears falling continuously: Hurt
Baby hollering continuously: Food
But in her brain she's the little engine
That could… that would not give up
Knowing that everyone thinks she should
Quarter tank of gas almost gone,
40 minutes away from her destination
Her latitude reads starvation
Her longitude shows motivation
Make a right at the light
Then you’ll meet your destination
As she’s patiently waiting for the red light to change
She looks up in her rearview and seen a lot has change
Dead beat gone…
Her son has grown…
Her final destination is HOME.


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