Ms Kim Yo-jong

I met Kim Yo-jong at the Winter Olympics 
Her figure was tight and her English terrific
She asked was I there for a little vacation 
I said I’m here representing my nation 
I took off my coat, so she could peep my colors 
She said you’re the ones trying to hurt my brother 
America dog; I should have you beaten 
And tossed in jail for this act of treason 
I said, get real; what the hell you been smoking 
Toss me in jail; girl you must be joking 
This is SOUTH Korea, you ain’t got power
Just the pull of your panties, before you hit the shower 
So, stand down, baby, before you cause an issue 
As for your tears, here’s a box of tissues 
The president of South Korea was pissed
He said to me; Enough, boy; you’re dismissed
Kim, she smiled at me and winked 
The president went from red to pink
He got all flustered and huffed and bawled
Get this American out of here, yawl 
I said, chill, pops; I’m an America soldier 
Touch these cuffs and you won’t get older 
Then I took my leave, to get away from them
Guess who I met that night; Ms Kim 
She said, tomorrow, I have to take my leave 
But, tonight, I’m yours to please 
And so, we did it in numerous ways 
Then escorted her to the plane, the very next day
She said, you Americans sure love force
If you get time, come and see me, up North 
I said, sure thing, but your brother is no bargain 
She said, no worries, just bring Dennis Rodman
So, we kissed and we hugged, and she flew away 
And that’s the way it goes when us big boys play

This poem is about: 
Our world


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