Mrs. Perfect


Every guy has a picture in mind.

Of the perfect girl they'll have but she has to be fine.

Outline; to cross the line between penny or dime.

Why you gotta think like this most or all of the time?

I don't get it! Nonsense!

Large here, small there. 

Everything mighty fitted. No sense!

She has to be clear.

She has to be sheer.


With the right dimensions.

Transmitted; into her head.

To create a paper bag.

Every morning a drag. 

To get her outta bed, wake up.

Does her hair; puts on a bit a make up.

Thinking in her head of how will people make of.

Exterior; rather than interior. 

These examples kids get from the media.

Picture perfect body; this is depicted.

Plastic, botox, barbie; truly if decrypted.

Movies, magazine, television.

Program your mind to make a certain decision.

Call it transfusion, into delusion.

Its a pollution; all confusion.

In a woman's head. 

Of the perfect body they just must have.

Its a disease head to their knees.

Spreads; parasitic propaganda. 

Its a plague.

Sad, that the girl of your dreams.


Mrs. Perfect




I'm rapper/writer/ poet. Check me out on YouTube by typing Tlaloc Huerta in the search box.

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