God please help me

I'm only  chils in this big word of bliss

I'm crashing, falling as they all kick me down

The agitated voices mae like an atomic bomb

God please help me

I'm only a child

Still learning what has been brought into this world

So please Mr.Bully tell me what I've done wrong

I'm having problems with my peers

I didn't ask for all of this

But now I have to pay the solid price

What have I done to deserve all of this

You kick me, punch me and nag me for who I am

I am who I am

So please Mr.Bully please nice

I'm human to, who only wants to keep moving on

So today, I have to keep being hopeful

I know it's not easy

So I will keep being hopeful no matter what you say

So please Mr.Bully let's all become equal

Instead of equivalent warefare

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