Mr. Trump "You're Fired"

 What is going on with this country that I love?
When will we get leadership and real guidance from above?Trump is real convincing with the prompter rolling on,
but speaking without filters it's the people that get connedI am so tired of that stupid grin, and two thumbs up in the air,
people are in need of help from a Government that caresPuerto Rico and others are in dyer need you know,
Don't drop stuff at their doorstep and just say "Here Ya Go."They need medicine, food and water, get it to them now
You are the country's leadership it's you job to know how.Trump thinks he is a leader?  He thinks he runs the show? 
Has he read the Constitution?  or does he really know?His power is not absolute a balance is in place. 
Does he know that there are two other branches to keep him in his space?FEMA is trying hard to assist everyone in need
They need some assistance to ensure they will succeedI don't know how Mr. Trump won the election and got hired,
But I know what we need to do to say "Mr. Trump You're Fired"Please take some action NOW, surely you have to see,
If we keep this man in office there will be a world war IIIDonna J. Hoover


This poem is about: 
My country


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