Mr. Sooner than Later


What the fuck do you know about me?

What the fuck do you know?

Who the hell are you

To say? To choose

For me, 

What you do see.

A skinny black kid?

You see A Pair of Glasses?

You see -

A weekend heart but a bright and early  

Monday mind?

With the Sun raised through Glass

Beat bright as the rays do pass through?

I'm -


Is that what you didn't see?

See, a weakened Heart,

Beat and raised,

Preached and prayed through Sunday's

Soul -

Someday, will be the day for that Heart;


But I'm... I'm Sorry... So sorry...

That you didn't see

what you didn't see.


Maybe, it could be, because you couldn't

See through

Another Pair of Glasses...

But I am Sorry,


For not showing you -

Sooner than Later.






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