Mr. Bully

Do you know how I feel?

I wake up in the morning, and my mother hugs me tightly

She rushes to the Kitchen so she can make me breakfast

Breakfast, that she bought with the little money she earned last night

Working night shifts so she can take care of her child


Later, at school, you push me on to my locker

I try hard to scream but then I feel then heavy punch on my jaw

Juslt like in all my night mares about you, my heart startss to race fast

When, I see you taking the only meal that I was to have for the day


Mr. Bully

Do you know how I feel?

At home, my mom calls me sweet names to put a smile on my face

She calls me superman yet am just a little boy in the house

She tells me to be strong because I am the man of the house

And that is because my dad always comes back late to the house


But Mr. Bully, you call me all sorts of names

I walk into your crew in the school and I know I am going to learn all sorts of names

Loser, Fattie, Flat face, Bananas; Like everything you hate on earth is my name

I try to run away but then you scream it aloud


Mr. Bully

Do you know how I feel?

My mum stiches my shorts so she can save rent for the house

She tells me not to climb the trees so I can not tear them all

I feel so glad for my mum believes that I can keep my word

So I promise that I am going to come back with my shorts in one piece


I reach school and Mr. Bully is waiting for me at the door

He kicks me so hard that my shorts start to cry out loud

I pretend not to care by tring tp pocket my hands

But then, I realise that my pockets are long gone.


Mr. Bully

Do you know how I feel?

My mum is sick so, I don't have any breakfast

She can't stich my shorts, so I come to school in rugs

My health insurance is low, so now I come to school with bruises

And am becoming weak, I can't be super man any more


So, Mr Bully. I know this ain't no conference

But I ask you, "Can you just leave me alone?"

Because I ain't got breakfast, shorts and a flat face that you can mess around any more

Atleast, let me be the first person you set free





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