Mr. Biological Father

Dear Mr. Biological Father,

As a young child, all I ever wanted was a real dad.

All of the dads in the movies played ball and ran around in the yard with their kids.

All of the dads in the movies read bedtimes stories and sang their children to sleep. All I ever wanted from you was just the same.

Momma took pity, got me and away from you. She could see the disappointment in my heart;

All of the times you wouldn’t come through.

Now I have a real dad. He’s strong and he’s smart.

He runs into the battle rather than being its start.

But now I am a teenager, Mr. Biological Father, and you are barely a thought in my mind

Until the day that you must be the prompt that I must write.

Picture me this, a young girl sitting in her senior English class, eyes will strain if she doesn’t look through her looking glass.

Her teacher, let’s call her Mrs. J,

Hands out a piece of paper that reads ‘This is what you must say’ right across the top;

The young girls face immediately drops.

‘Here are your options, (4 people in each group) each one of you must pick 2’

Reads the second line, listed below

 §  Animals

 §  Doctors

             §  What if…aliens

§  Career

   §  Fighting

§  Abuse

 §  Family

                                                §  Pain

The only way the young girl could make those 2 prompts work together, was to use your name.

Rather than being a Grinch, the young girl bites her lip and refrains from becoming vicious

And she begins her poem with the simple wish “I want a real dad,” but her lip quivers.

She swells up with pride then makes the remark “all I need my biological father for, is to buy me a car”

She knew that it was mainstream for all of the deadbeats to squirm, when a new man kept their child from the havoc of free form.

So, she is sure to end her tasked piece with a few simple lines to wrap up her thought, the lines that released all of her anger towards her Mr. Biological Father

I want a biological father who will understand, that just like before, only the roles reversed, it is not love I want, remember? No strings attached.

I just want your money, that you may or may not have, I do not need your love, I have a real dad for that.

And when I’ve emptied your wallet, and college is done. Maybe I will not want a biological father, after all,

you are the one who taught me not to stay around for love’

the young girl won top in her class, her work was called a masterpiece, but just like her Mr. Biological Father, nothing last.


That picture is ended now here is the present, understand that I am not angry that you are my Mr. Biological Father, in fact if it wasn’t for your mistakes, I would not have seen the world.


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My family
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