Moving for MY Senior Year

It's cool sitting around showing off our many talents
to an outside eye we look like show offs to the ones who walk off balanced
While we're just looking for the next step to conquer our dreams
We're labeled as lame to the ones who lost their's to drugs and other things
As I transition to the other side of Country
I became more focus, took school more serious  because i really don't need to fit in here
Im a cool guy friends will come, and if they dont ill be gone in a year 
On a new jounery in my life and be around new peers

I CANT WAIT!! It'll be amazing 
I'll Move right back to east Coast
I'll See everybody again So i keep my old friends close
Calls and Texts and Facetimes and DM's 
Bringing back old memories, posting picture of Best Friends
But until then I surround Myself with people who strive to do great,
Thats best right?
We just know what we're doing with our life 

I Work Hard to get in the college i want
I put in countless hours, Hard work,  all of my heart and my soul
If that mean blowing off people who dont have dreams or goals
So be it
I'll See you guys later
Hope you do Great with your careers
But first, We Have to get through our senior year 




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