Always touching, always feeling

Constantly swimming in my veins

I can feel your breath in mine, see your pain in my eyes

See your wave goodbye


I dream of the day you sleep with me

Pull my hair, and cry for me

I wait for the day you're glued by my side

Curiously gazing at the world


Mistakes are made, people get hurt

Pain ruptures inside

No longer a heartbeat but to them a piece of trash

I walk around empty, no longer intact


You were taken by my ultimate regret

It wasn't you're fault, and now I live with the regret

I carry you with me, no matter where I go

I see your wave and hear your fluttering heart


I wonder what you would of looked like

What trouble you would of caused

I wonder how you would of changed my world for the better

Sleep is for the weak, I crave your cry


I know we will meet again

This time it will be right


You will be healthy

You will be strong

You will be mine


Baby Jason, it just was not your time

Conflict erupts in me

Pain in the words I type

I look down and you're not there growing where you should be

Come back to me

Come back...



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