A Mourning not Guaranteed

Wake up in the morning 

that isn't guaranteed

wake up for a mourning

that was the seed

get up to go to school

some died a fool

get up to get educated

I became the tool

Grow to work for others

that was the goal

grow for proud mothers

to fill my soul

work a job eventually hate

not for me but others sake

make contribution for humanity

wonder if they'll go unnoticed makes me panicky

live to make a difference

no difference makes a death

afraid to be forgotten

afraid to become rotten

but being afraid won't help me live

being afraid doesn't stop my will to  give

I work hard to overcome this fear

I work harder to show other others I care

Wake up in the Morning

Today I won't be Mourning


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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