The Mountains Will Know

We’ll see the mountains as we sit

By the water the sunset lit

The sky is pink, the water blue

There we’d be, together in two 


The dock sits witness to it all

From the mountains we’ll seem so small 

But not the sun, for you shine brighter 

You’ll never again need that inner fighter


There I’ll promise a life like this

Living in wonder, peaceful bliss

And if you’ll be forever mine

A life we’ll live they call divine


I’ll give to you what you most desire

Just promise, of me, you’ll never tire

And hold my hand until we’re old 

Even when they just go cold


As the birds sing their songs

You’ll be beside me free from wrongs

You’ll live through freedom

And Nirvana will indeed come


So join me in this wonderous view

For one thing is always true 

With those mountains on display

I’ll promise to you I’ll always stay



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